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It’s one of more than 100 Indian websites that comprise the country’s thriving online matrimonial market, where an individual can browse for his or her ideal spouse among a catalog of potential candidates organized by the personal information that apparently matters most: religion, caste, income, fairness of skin, family background, and so on. Unlike online dating services, which at least superficially foster some sort of romantic connection, and which are effectively nonexistent in India, matrimonial websites are predicated on the idea that the first meeting between two paired users will be to chat about their wedding.They succeed for the same reason every online resource does: They offer convenience and expediency in an arena with high demand for it.Last week, I joined, India’s oldest and most popular matrimonial website.

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Traditionally many second- and third-generation wife- or husband-hunters would expect family and their communities to introduce them to prospective life partners, many even travelling to their parents' country of origin to view future brides and grooms." "On Single, one of the most popular matrimonial websites used by Muslims surfing to find a partner, users are encouraged to believe they are a few clicks away from reaching their goal of meeting Mr or Mrs Right.

Adeem Younis first thought of creating a very specific site when he was a student at Leeds University.

This provides a safe and secure online community for Muslims looking for a perfect partner.

It only takes a while to join as a free member and you do not need a debit card- so what are you waiting for, join now!

A security breach suffered last week by the website exposed user information associated with 149,830 accounts on Muslim, including usernames, email addresses and poorly-encrypted passwords, security researcher Troy Hunt revealed Wednesday.