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window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !Short stay, pay and display parking is available throughout the harbour.There's also a helmet mount for capturing your skydives and heliskiing, and a handlebar mount for those times where you're racing through the pines on your mountain bike.

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With the battery installed, the bare camera weighs just 2.8 ounces (79.4 grams).

It wouldn't be an action camera without being waterproof, so Vivitar ships it with a clear plastic waterproof housing.

Occasionally she's asked her Tumblr followers to give her donations in exchange for customized GIFs, or even had food delivered by adoring fans directly to her doorstep.

"It's really easy to get people to look at you," she says, "but once you put something on the internet, it's not yours anymore." The webcam video she put up for auction, Inbox Full, shows Molly reading her entire Tumblr inbox in one single take, an eight-hour-long test of endurance and sheer force of will.

But at US$500, it's a bit on the high side for someone who doesn't actually engage in a lot of activities that would would benefit from the high definition video - I don't skydive or scuba dive, and I'm not a snow or skateboarder.


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