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If your 16 year old does not already have a curfew, now might be the time to set one. Beyond her nightly curfew, you might set rules that dictate when and how much she can date -- especially if you have concerns about her schoolwork or other responsibilities that might suffer.

The website Healthy suggests a school night curfew of between 8 p.m. For instance, you might let her go out with a boy on a Friday or Saturday night, or you might allow her only one weeknight date per week.

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I am a 16 year old girl dating a 21 year old boy in massachusetts.

Nothing sexual has happened yet, and he isnt pressuring me to have sex.

That means that the state deems you capable of making your own decisions when it comes to sex.

The age of the person you have sex with is irrelevant, so long as he is at least 16.

The cell phone that your teen has seemingly glued to her fingertips comes in handy when she starts dating.