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These male subscribers are also likely to be aged 40 , Tinder having the highest proportion of paying members from this group, compared to other services.

However, the research found that e Harmony and have more female paying users, with women accounting for a large chunk of their revenue in 2016. Originally from Surrey, she has studied Communication and Media at Bournemouth University and The University of Central Florida.

For e Harmony, 23% of revenue is generated by women aged 51 . She enjoys socialising with friends, exploring new places and can often be found with her nose in a book.

Since first being unearthed in New Mexico in the late nineteenth century, the striking ceramic bowls made a millennium earlier by people living in the Mimbres River Valley of the American Southwest have inspired countless counterfeiters, a clay art festival, a burglary at the University of Minnesota’s anthropology department, and even a line of railroad dinnerware.

They also called on the BRICS' New Development Bank to focus on funding specific development priorities and to create a network of angel investors.