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They say age ain't nothing but a number if you really love each other, but are certain age gaps - or lack thereof - more likely to end in tears?According to a study conducted by Emory University in Atlanta, there's an ideal difference that can heighten your chances of a lasting relationship.Here are four problems you’ll likely run into if you break the 8-year rule: I once went out with a woman who was under the impression that Lauryn Hill was made famous by being in “Sister Act 2.”Now, there are a few reactions you can have to this.

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If that’s not an easy conversation opener, I truly don’t know what is.)But after all sorts of successes and failures with women, as time has gone on, I’ve found at least common failure: a massive age gap.

I’m, by no means, the most mature 30-year-old dude you’re going to meet, and I’m not insinuating that all younger women are flighty or immature.

As Hugo Mialon, one of the researchers behind the study, said: "It could just be that the types of couples with those characteristics are the types of couples who are, on average, more likely to divorce for other reasons." Joey tells Ross he's in love with Rachel, and he freaks out.

Joey tells Rachel, and she doesn't (but can't return his feelings).

"My friends and family were very supportive of us, they warmed to him quite quickly.