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Emotionally intelligent couples are intimately familiar with each other’s world.They have a richly detailed love map—they know the major events in each other’s history, and they keep updating their information as their spouse’s world changes.Also, if you differ on whether your children should be spanked or not - you need to talk. Equality with Money Even if one of you makes more money than the other, you both have an equal say about where your money goes. Common Goals and Values Couples with very different interests can have healthy relationships - what counts is that they share common goals and values.

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When partners have this knowledge they unlock the secrets of being able to accurately predict the needs of themselves and their partner. Supportive: For a relationship to be successful each person needs to feel a sense of support and optimism in the connection.

When partnerships are supportive they are infused with hope giving each person the consistent sense that things can only get better as they continue to work together.

This doesn't mean you agree with everything your partner says or does.

It does mean that you have admiration for each other, and steady undercurrent of love and trust throughout your relationship. John Gottman, a pioneer in studying couples and marriage, could tell within minutes whether a couple was in it for the long haul or if they weren't going to make it - with startling accuracy. If there were any signs of contempt in the couple's interaction with each other, the relationship usually didn't make it.

Abuse, whether it is physical, verbal, or emotional, defies mutual respect in every way, shape and form.