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Thirty-five years later, that idea dominates television.

Chuck Barris, the King of Schlock, the Baron of Bad Taste, the Ayatollah of Trasherola, remembered now mostly as the loopy, squinty-eyed host of “The Gong Show,” is the godfather of reality TV.“Game shows have always operated on the premise that ordinary people are the stars of the show,” says Steven Stark, author of “Glued to the Set: The 60 Television Shows That Made Us Who We Are Today,” “but he raised it to an art form in the sense that you don’t just show ordinary people in favorable circumstances — you may do badly on a quiz show but you still look OK anyway — but you can humiliate them and they’ll still go on, for their 15 minutes of fame or whatever.”Barris didn’t just introduce humiliation to daytime TV.

Kristin Newman was then brought in to take over as showrunner for the ABC Studios show.

The cancellation came amid a flurry of programming activity for ABC.

Naturally, with the huge amount of science fiction that has hit the small screen, there has been plenty of shrink rays, giant men and miniature terror. Fletcher and Craig become gods to the bug-sized populace on an alien planet. This third instance of miniaturization effects in Rod Serling's serial is far less memorable.