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Usually major delays mean that something new and shiny is being added to Ad Sense or Ad Words, but it is possible it could be Analytics related, since it is experiencing the frozen stats issue too.

Or, it could be a major support issue that is causing the frozen stats, something I am guessing it is, since the delayed stats are usually only after a “hey we are going to be doing some maintenance” blog post on the various Google blogs.

Ads are still being served as usual, however, and hopefully are being tracked Ad Sense also has a page for documenting current and recent previous issues, however the stats delay has not been added to that page, at least not as of pm PST – also known as Googleplex time for those stat junkies 😉 A quick check on the official Ad Sense Help Forum shows that it seems to be a publisher-wide issue, but none of the Google Ad Sense reps have posted as of yet.

The issue is also affecting both Ad Words and Analytics as well too, with all those stats frozen as of early this morning too.

When looking in Google Ad Sense however, all the stats are updating correctly and the impressions and clicks are what publishers expect for those days.