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All of which is to say that I still don't speak Spanish. One of my 2015 New Years resolutions is to fix that, finally.My husband Lief and I are planning to reposition ourselves back in Paris by the end of this year.You’ll put your cultural awareness and language to practice when you study abroad in locations such as Mexico, Spain or Ecuador during your year abroad, and when you spend a semester student teaching!

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I packed a phrase book and boarded the plane without any concern that I didn't speak even a little of the language of the country where the plane was headed. Over the next couple of years, as I returned to Costa Rica often and began traveling as well to Nicaragua and Guatemala, I figured I'd pick up the Spanish I needed as I went along. By my late 20s, I finally realized that I wasn't going to get this through osmosis.

If I wanted to learn to speak Spanish (as I did), I was going to have to study Spanish.

This is possible through our Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a K-12 Education Teaching certification.

Complete various Education field placements, including one in an English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom abroad From grammar and linguistics to literature and modern Latin America and Spain, as a student in the Spanish Education major, you’ll learn not only how to speak the language, but also to interpret historical events, and understand and teach students their impact on modern life and culture.

Tours can also combine stop overs in other cities in Spain. Gain valuable work experience and improve your Spanish. Our summer camps allow children to not only learn a language but also gain valuable experience away from home developing their independence and sense responsibilities in a safe and secure setting.