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We have a million things going on and trying to carve out more time to traditionally meet someone and develop a relationship seems impossible.

Dating websites are great because they eliminate all the extra time it takes to make that initial connection, and you can find what you’re looking for while weeding out the rest.

I don’t need to put all of the effort into going on a date with you if all you want is to get some. You don’t need to lie about your life on your profile, and why would you? This saying should have never been born, and you men using these websites should be hunting for prey on a college campus, not on a paid subscription-dating site. Unless you work at VS and plan to get me free sh*t, don’t ever ask me this. Yet you want to talk about the things you’d do to me… Maybe I’m a middle-aged man, maybe I’m a 60-year-old woman… You can pay for that the same as you paid for this dating membership.

There are plenty of women out there looking for whatever you’re looking for, but for those of us that aren’t… If you end up finding someone and getting serious, she’ll discover your lies and may decide she’s no longer interested in you. When I shop online, I want to see every detail of the item I’m buying, no surprises. I can assure you that if you ask, you’ll never find out first hand. It all looks much better in person, but you’ll never know if you don’t stop being such a perv and a creep!

Now, women, too, can have their potential sex partners flaunt their size before they even have to meet for coffee.


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