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Orange mount, Negro women and children in a cotton field, several with full baskets of cotton balanced on their heads.

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In all of New York State there are 274 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs), which is the most of any state.

For a discussion of state NHLs inside and outside of NYC, see List of NHLs in New York State.

For consistency, the sites are named here as designated under the National Historic Landmark program.

Bell Labs work here included experimental phonograph record, vacuum tubes, talking movies (1923), black and white and color TV, radar, and early commercial remote broadcasts. Home of Alexander Hamilton: military officer, lawyer, member of the United States Constitutional Convention, American statesman, first United States Secretary of the Treasury, and Founding Father; facade is oldest surviving structure in Manhattan French Renaissance-style building; outstanding example of American hotel architecture; symbol of elegance; visible from much of lower Central Park; setting for Kay Thompson's popular Eloise series of children's books The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission was created following the preservation fight and subsequent demolition of Pennsylvania Station. Many of the NYC NHLs are listed, either individually or as part of historic districts, in the List of New York City Designated Landmarks.

Gray mounts, the Steamboat City of Camden sits at the New Orleans dock laded with cotton bales, two Negro stevedores lie resting on the bales.