Agnostic dating

She also said she was unsure if a God exists but she also said she is not the one to determine that. I feel as if I have been very clear on what I need to do on my part of things being a Catholic and she accepted that 100% from what I can tell.I know this is not an ideal situation and I have read other "horror" stories from people in similar situations but the other people in those situations did not seem very accepting as my girlfriend has been to me. I know this has been discussed a few times a while back but I'd still like some advice.Many people can’t survive the grand Canyon that comes between the two points of view.

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Back when we first started talking, we talked about me being Catholic and certain things I had to do such as attending church, being married in the church and raising my kids Catholic.

She was very accepting of this and had 0 problems with this.

If a person does not put ones trust in the Lord, you can not expect to see God's influence in his / her life.

Also, Romans -, "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one"... If he would without leading him to Christ, he violates Christ!

Just recently, I asked her if she would go to church with me and she said she had no problem doing that.