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In June of last year, on a whim and mostly out of boredom, Abuhamdeh mounted his phone next to the register and began to broadcast his day on You Now, a live streaming service. People would walk up and pay, he would ring them up, and then as they left, nail them with a zinger spoken to the camera.

The Society runs a number of nets which are open to both Members and Visitors.

Basic details are shown here with links below to the detailed “RSARS Nets” and “Nominated Calling Frequencies” documents which can be printed and kept handy in the shack…

Our club is composed of a group of people who enjoy sharing their knowledge of ham radio, serving our community, and just good old rag chewing.

We are a very diverse group of individuals, each bringing something unique and enriching to our club and to amateur radio. Ongoing Events and Announcements Weekly Net – Join us on the club frequency 146.56 MHz simplex for the first round at 0100Z (8 PM EST/ 9 PM EDT) each Thursday for the weekly BARA net.

3.743 MHz or 7.170 MHz /- Taking place on each Sunday from 30 November 1986 the CHATTERBOX Net runs from 1100 to Noon local time if possible and is currently controlled by Dennis (GW4XKE) and is now aided by Pre-Chatterbox deputy Ray (GW4PUC).