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We have got a number of long term injury troubles and need to bring new players in.

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Gay Match Maker calls on the Coalition to stop the planned plebiscite on equal marriage and offer a conscience vote to their members.

Over 72% of the Australian population support same sex marriage.

Behind high glass windows and where no sticky fingers can reach, the cream of the baked crop sit on display for attendees at this year's Perth Royal Show to admire.

This year, there were more than 1,200 entries into 535 different cookery categories, ranging all the way from decorated cakes to preserves.

His work can best be understood as falling under three areas: How we can understand media and communications environments in the contexts of interactivity; social networking; emergent identities online; gaming cultures; digital/strategic communicationand social change; representations of Sports Scandals Minority and Migrant Media; Services Providers to Vulnerable Groups and Resilience; Debates about Population and Policy; Refugees, Migrants and Ethics of Vulnerability, Recognition and Welcome; Refugees, Representation and Social Change BOOKS Cover, Rob (under contract). Queer Youth Suicide, Culture & Identity: Unliveable Lives? JOURNAL ARTICLES (FULLY REFEREED, PEER REVIEWED) Cover, Rob; Rasmussen, Mary Lou; Aggleton, Peter and Marshall, Daniel (2017). ‘Suicides of the Marginalised: Cultural Approaches to Suicide, Relationality and Mobility.’ Cultural Studies Review 22(2): 90-113. ‘Digital Difference: Theorising Frameworks of Bodies, Representation and Stereotypes in Digital Games.’ Asia Pacific Media Educator 26(1): 1-13. ‘Visual Hetero-Masculinities Online: Beyond Binaries and Sexual Normativities in Camera Chat Forums.’ Men and Masculinities, Special Issue: Heterodox Hetero Masculinities, ed.