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Aides of the Duke and Duchess are at pains to say that talk of remarriage is wrong.

With the monarchy still basking in a warm glow of public approval generated principally by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and, now, their son, Prince George, the possibility of Andrew and Sarah tying the knot for a second time might risk endangering that goodwill.

For all his derring-do in the Falklands War and his years of blameless service to the Royal Navy, the Prince is saddled with his ‘Airmiles Andy’ nickname and his boorish outbursts as a trade envoy – one of the more memorable revelations of the Wikileaks scandal.

The dodgem cars were hurtling around at full speed and there were shrieks of excitement on the helter-skelter, but away from the fairground sideshows, the presence of the Duke and Duchess of York was just as much an attraction.

It was the night of Princess Beatrice’s 25th birthday party earlier this month, and the lavish outdoor entertainment at Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park had been organised by the couple for their daughter’s friends.

The boys share some juicy details about things that range from their favorite AC underwear (Matt’s involve some Andrew Christian athletic-wear) to when they lost their virginity (Topher’s is a backyard tale).