Android weather widget not updating automatically

android weather widget not updating automatically-27

I haven't found a single one that updates at the moment.

I have several widgets that should update regularly: chats, weather, Google Fit, call logs etc; and none of them is updating.

Can someone give some insight on how to fix this or what is causing it? I do not have any restrictions on background data for any apps. Ok so last night I cleared my cache partition and today they seem to be working.

I am using Sol Calendar month display widget (at least until google calendar finally gets one), Google Keep (this seemed to use to work when before android updated to 6.0.1), I also have tried to use Mint widget (summary specifically) but it says problem refreshing once put on home screen. Sprint Lg G4 updated this weekend to android 6.0 and since then my 1w weather widget does not update the time or weather automatically anymore. Previously the only way the widget would work again was resetting the phone so I will give it a few days before deeming the clear cache partition the fix for this.

But because there were some problems with applications I use daily, I reverted back to my old Android 6.0.1 build. Maybe something with battery optimizations or something?