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Born: 30 April 1988 Height: 1.93 Meters Marital Status: Unmarried – dating Charlotte Best Net Worth: 0 Million Dollars Income Sources Before winning Master Chef Australia, Andy Allen worked as an electrician in Australia.

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If you ever hear the number 29 and think, "or two for 50"; if your idea of Superman is a former Detroit Lion and used-car salesman in a cape; if you know the first number to call in a slip-and-fall case; then you, my friend, also watched daytime television in the Detroit area in 1993, and for that, you are the richer.

First aired: 1998 In the competitive field of cheesy local television ads, Mr.

Alan's should be the first thing you think of as a Detroiter. Alan's has it all: low-budget appeal, non-professional actors, his unforgettable catchphrase ("29 or two for $50"), a voiceover shrieking that catchphrase at you in all kinds of audio mixes, and a view into that peculiar world where live-action and animated characters hang out without it being questioned.

We'll never forget this company's perplexing cartoon mascot (who we always assumed was the "Mr.

Along with her three brothers, Best attended Central Coast Grammar School where she won a performance award at the age of eight.