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Individuals claiming to align themselves with Anonymous undertook protests and other actions (including direct action) in retaliation against copyright-focused campaigns by motion picture and recording industry trade associations.

Later targets of Anonymous hacktivism included government agencies of the U.

Introduction This is a Draft RFC Specification for Graph QL, a query language created by Facebook in 2012 for describing the capabilities and requirements of data models for client‐server applications. Graph QL is a new and evolving language and is not complete.

He later helped law enforcement track down other members of the organization as part of a plea deal.

At least four associates of Lulz Sec were arrested in March 2012 as part of this investigation.

Graph QL is not a programming language capable of arbitrary computation, but is instead a language used to query application servers that have capabilities defined in this specification.

Graph QL does not mandate a particular programming language or storage system for application servers that implement it.

It has gained attention due to its high profile targets and the sarcastic messages it has posted in the aftermath of its attacks.