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But in a pinch, hearing about the exploits of other people can be pretty darn steamy.

And no, thinking doesn't make you some sort of deviant. I mean, there's a reason people read romance novels, right? Girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl (and me)"I went to a kinky sex party with my girlfriend, which we took Molly for.

She briefly flopped around like a fish and then started squirting like a broken fire hydrant. It was my first time with a squirter and it was the hottest thing ever.

I would later read that where I was standing and the angle of my hand is a common technique used for making someone squirt! The three-night-stand"The one summer fling I ever had was a three-night stand.

This was a very sex-friendly (sometimes there's no sex, or people quietly judge people who fuck). First time with a squirter"I was in bed with a woman and my phone went off. The phone was right on the nightstand though, and I was worried it was work! She's laying down along the edge of the bed and while I'm standing next to her reading an e-mail she starts jerking/sucking me off.