April bowlby dating josh groban

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In Ventura County, California, April went to Moorpark College to study ballet, marine biology, and French. Her breakfast, in general is like – two poached eggs, turkey bacon, and half avocado (source of fat and vitamin E).

Actress Slim Her official height is listed at 5 ft 9¾ in or 177 cm. 54 kg or 119 pounds April Bowlby dated – from 2006 to 2012. She appeared in 2007 Sci-Fi Channel original movie Sands of Oblivion for her role as Heather. Sometimes, she’ll also have plain yogurt with blueberries in response to her cravings for something sweet. To remain fit, she also goes on a hike with her dog and does cardio on the treadmill on a regular basis.

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April Michelle Bowlby is an American Actress who is so sexy and hot that it is out of the question to believe that she is already 36 years old.