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And Amanda found herself sitting next to two of the more overt schemers on "Survivor: China." And despite having a friendlier disposition, she lost to them, just as she lost to Parvati.

Those familiar moments were outnumbered by plenty of the unexpected to keep things interesting, like a record number of injuries and people to be forced out of the game for medical reasons, never mind the two people who quit (although one, Jonny Fairplay, asked his tribe to vote him out).

Off the top of my head, I'd put Cook Islands, Palau, Pearl Islands, Australia and the Amazon ahead of this one.

Like I said a few days ago, there were a lot of blindsides, but more often than not they were the result of stupid play as much as they were cleverness on the part of Cirie or Parvati.

The second all-star season limped into existence, a not-so-all-star collection of returning "favorites" and unimpressive "fans." But it followed an exponential curve, transforming into a season worthy of the designation of "best season ever," at least in terms of game play, but also because it repeatedly offered shocking turns of events.


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