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-- his first proper album for a major label (RCA's Black Seal) -- is out in stores. He and his band The Wandering Sons make their network TV debut tonight on at EST on NBC.Then he performs at Carnegie Hall..Carnegie Hall's Zankel Theater (a really cool space) on Saturday night. And if there are any radio deejays left in the country who haven't been replaced by "Jack" and other computerized digital entities, they've probably added his surging, addictive single "Born Again," a defining number he'll be playing for years to come. "The placements in TV shows these days are about as big a thing as you can do anymore," says Chisel. It's the new way people are finding out about a lot of music.An equally potent influence on Chisel's worldview and wellspring of musical storytelling is the American heartland from which he hails.

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Are cory chisel and adriel harris dating

I'm thankful for growing up where stories and the pursuit of happiness were on everybody's mind.

I think I'm still trying to achieve the same euphoria I felt at a very young age, when I would be completely taken over by these rhythms and these sounds and these stories.

Also a part of Mile 2 were the Baseball Project, Langhorne Slim, Robert Ellis, Sturgill Simpson and more than 200 other artists.

Originally calling themselves simply The Wandering Sons the band, which included Cory Chisel, released their debut album entitled Again From The Beginning in 2004.

(Chisel says if he got any work ethic it was from his diligent mom, even though he was too "pig-headed" to take lessons from her.) "I was really the kind of kid I hope I don't have," he laughs. I'd wear the Nazi punk f--- off shirt, so they couldn't exactly be mad about what I was saying." As these things usually go, Chisel was looking to rile his dad but ended up upsetting his mom.