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We have no evidence at the moment that the Spanish government would seek to invade and take over Gibraltar.

"That said, it is right to point out that with all our overseas territories, and that includes Gibraltar, if they were ever to be attacked we would go to war.

Many firms still do not have computers on the desks of their professionals, case files are not digitized, and lawyers carry huge stacks of paper to court, rocking their fax machines like back in the Nineties, and instead of typing their legal prose into a text processor themselves -or at least using speech recognition-, they record audio cassettes and have staff to type it out - something that virtually every other industry has gotten rid of.

More often than not, these drafts are circled around for a few rounds if there are corrections - which are often also recorded onto an audio cassette and then typed again.

“Why Steve Mc Queen’s fictitious character Hilts was written in I really don’t know and nobody else knows either,” says John.