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'So of course it’s easy to lose your way in life sometimes – to forget about the things that are most important.' Eventually, he got to the point - and mentioned his son, who he had with Italian model Sharon Canu after just six months of dating.'Every day I wake up to the most beautiful thing I could dream of: A son that makes my heart melt, a son that never stops smiling, a son that can make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I’m in, a son that I’m proud of, a son I watch fall asleep because I never want to leave him, a son who reminded me what’s most important in life,' the tweet went on.

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As one of the judges, Cheryl wasn’t totally blown away by Liam’s voice, but she did say this, “I like you, I think you’re really cute.” BOOM!

Then in 2012, when he joined the world famous boyband group, he locked eyes with Cheryl once again (thanks to the help of Simon Cowell).

Liam's not the only 1D-er who is apparently into older women.

A week after his ex-wife Cheryl finally confirmed she was pregnant with her boyfriend Liam Payne's child, Ashley Cole has shared his own feelings about parenting.

It was the same year Cheryl announced her divorce from hubby Ashley Cole. Nothing that exciting happened until 2016, though, when the hunk debuted some rose tattoos on his hand that look similar to Cheryl’s massive butt tattoo.