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In 1995, Moncalvo et al constructed a phylogeny of the r DNA, which was the universally accepted locus at that time, and found five major clades of the laccate species amongst the 29 isolates tested. lucidum was not a monophyletic species, and further work needed to be done to clarify this taxonomic problem. In 1905, American mycologist William Murrill delineated the genus Tomophagus to accommodate the single species G.

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Ganoderma can be differentiated from other polypores because they have a double-walled basidiospore. lucidus was characterized by having a laccate pileus and stipe, and this is a character that Murrill suspects was the reason for Karsten’s division because only one species was included, G. Patouillard revised Karsten’s genus Ganoderma to include all species with pigmented spores, adhering tubes and laccate crusted pilei, which resulted with a total of 48 species classified under the genus Ganoderma in his 1889 monograph. They have double-walled, truncate spores with yellow to brown ornamented inner layers. Members of the family Ganodermataceae were traditionally considered difficult to classify because of the lack of reliable morphological characteristics, the overabundance of synonyms, and the widespread misuse of names.

They are popularly referred to as shelf mushrooms or bracket fungi. Previously, this taxon was characterized as Boletus lucidus Curtis (1781) and then Polyporus lucidus (Curtis) Fr. Until Murrill investigated Ganoderma in North America in 1902, previous work had focused solely on European species including, for example, G. Until recently, the genus was divided into two sections – Section Ganoderma with a shiny cap surface (like Ganoderma lucidum) and Elfvingia, with a dull cap surface, like Ganoderma applanatum.

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