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“And he [ Brady] goes, ‘If I were you, I’d move as slow as molasses.’ And I go, ‘But Tommy, that means you don’t move at all,’ and he goes, ‘Exactly!

'” At the time Youkilis and Brady’s sister began dating, he was still a member of the Red Sox and she was still living in California. Youkilis says he and Brady have a great relationship now.

His work is cited in the lives of the unborn John the Baptist (), Mary (), Elizabeth (), Zacharias (), and Simeon (-27).

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Pase (all without exception) phulake (noun: as an action = guarding, watch; a person who stayed on watch at a guard post like our modern sentinel, cp "guard" in Acts 12.10 - see related verb that is the root of phulake = phulasso) (tereo = speaks of guarding something in one’s possession, watching as one would something precious, continually observing attentively.

The present imperative is a command calling for us to make this our habitual practice cp "guarding" in Acts 12:6) sen (possessive adjective = your) kardian (see word study on kardia = heart, see also discussion of heart on this page) gar (for) ek (out of, from) touton (this) exodoi (see word study on exodos--a departure, here in plural = outgoings) zoes (see word study on zoe -- absolute fullness of life, both essential and ethical). The heart is the “master-control” of the life; a wrong heart always produces a wrong life.

Today, the presence and power of Christ remain with us through the Holy Spirit, who is the true, eternal Spirit of Christmas—all year long.

Let the fullness of Thy Spirit Fall upon us here this hour.

Urban Meyer’s oldest daughter, Nicki, has been dating a Georgia Tech football player for at least the past year, but somehow that escaped me until now.