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Davina (born Davina Bussey is an American R&B vocalist and musician.Davina grew up in Detroit, ran her own dance music record label, and worked as a recording engineer before signing with Loud Records.

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At the time Davina was the first female in Northern California to have an album in the R&B/Rap genre for a Latina/Chicana or a "mess" as Davina would say in her own words, considering she's a mix of Filipino and Spanish from her Mother and her Dad topped her off with Mexican, Apache Indian, German and Irish.

Davina was proclaimed by her fans as the "Queen of Northern Cali" for her talent and subject matter touching on subjects that most women wouldn't. By Davina's second album, which was also released by Sav It Out Records, titled "On Some Real", Davina had a large following that was growing by the day, drawing in large and dedicated crowds at concerts and carshows.

Fans of his quick workout videos will be impressed with these new full-length sessions.


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