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Blockbuster is a former NYSE-listed company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 23, 2010.

In April 2011, almost all of Blockbuster's assets, including the "Blockbuster'' trade name, were acquired by DISH Network Corp. The remaining entity changed its name to BB Liquidating, Inc.

The SEC temporarily suspended trading in BLOAQ on September 29, because of “a lack of current and accurate information concerning the company’s securities due to assertions in third-party press releases to investors concerning, among other things, the company's current financial condition and business prospects." For instance, one report stated that "Blockbuster is Back From the Doldrums" and "is now becoming a promising comeback story." Another website described BLOAQ as a " ...

global media entertainment provider, which exited Chapter 11 protection earlier this year…” In fact, the company has not exited bankruptcy, and the company itself stated in a recent SEC filing that even though its shares continue to be quoted on the Pink Sheets, they may have “no value.” In another recent filing, the company stated that there are “no further business operations nor assets to liquidate” and noted any financial success associated with the company that acquired the Blockbuster brand would have “no impact” on the value of the BLOAQ and BLOBQ shares.

The stock BLOAQ is a shell of the former company, which was purchased out of bankruptcy in April by Dish Network.