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Office 365 is a subscription based package that offers access to the latest desktop Office suite, Office Online, cloud storage, and premium mobile apps.

To such an extent that Microsoft's office pack has been embraced by other platforms and used a reference by other companies to develop similar tools, to such an extent that we can find the office pack (and others developed by its rivals) available on mac OS and mobile platforms such as Android, and it even comes along in a portable version that we can carry around with us wherever we go.

In view of the importance of this software, many users want to know where they can find a serial or product key to be able to use it for free.

To open the registry, press the keyboard shortcut Windows key R, enter regedit into the Run menu, press Enter, and confirm with Yes.

Now navigate to the following location: Alternatively, download an easy fix from Microsoft that will implement this registry change and restart your computer for it to come into effect.

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