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A few of the passengers and then even the airport staff feel the beat, proving to be so infectious that soon the entire airport is dancing with joy in a Bollywood dance off.At the height of such joy, CHARLIE asks MEL to marry him.Apparently hitting the gym was her way of dealing with a break-up.

Rumours had already been doing the rounds that the two were having an affair, and the photos only served to fuel them.

One of the theories put forward was that Ibrahim, who was known to have a keen interest in Bollywood and had financed movies, had pressured Rishi Kapoor into casting Mandakini, and she was his mistress.

Controversy and Bollywood go hand-in-hand and 2016 successfully produced some gems that kept gossip mills churning overtime and news TRPs hitting the rooftop.

We take a look at those Bollywood controversies that created maximum noise.

This movie made her the ultimate sex-symbol of Hindi screen then.