Book speed dating

In the end, we hosted a night dedicated to learning about the best in book-club reads that was attended by 100 people, each of whom left the event basking in the glow of a thriving reading community.

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Our English department chair recently returned from the NCTE conference excited to begin independent reading in her high school English classes.

The week of Thanksgiving she came to me and asked if I could do some booktalks for her classes in December.

I also tried to select a balance of books with male/female protagonists and multicultural representation.

The first class had 10 students, so I had 3 bins of books (6-8 books per bin) plus 8 books that I booktalked.

Soon after the doors opened, eager readers were lined up to attend a program to talk about books. It soon became clear that we were going to exceed our attendance goal for the evening.