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It Creates A Care-Free Environment For Teens Who Have Problem And They Feel They Need To Talk To some body Who Doesn't Know Anything About Them You Feel As If Your Not Getting Judged, Or Simply To Have Fun!

Ive Been Chatting On Teen Chat For About Two Years, And The Advice/ Chat Rooms Are Get Stronger, And Are Also Changing With Society. One of my closest friends told me about it and from then on I've been coming here!

Peace 2 You All x x Hippy Amy x x Ok first off I want to say that teen chat rocks my socks!

lol It's really a great hangout site and as tons of people have stated before me, an awesome place to meet new people, I met someone I care a lot about on here : ) Usually you can find me in the California Chat and my name's Cali Guy.

I Have Found Some Really Great Friends From teen chat So THANK YOU!