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These assumptions, as understandable as they may be, if left unchallenged can easily lead someone trying to heal from one of these relationships to wrong conclusions.Without clearing away these misperceptions it may be more difficult to gain the kind of understanding necessary to recover from this type of relationship.

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They will say and/or do just about anything to keep you around if they are still using you as something (not someone) to fill the dark void they hold within.

In both of the scenarios above, maintaining no contact (NC) is vitally important to your well-being.

For people who have not experienced the extraordinary path of destruction these women leave in their wake, even a reliable and accurate historian’s account of his experiences can come off as the incoherent or exaggerated ramblings of someone who may have anger or even mental health issues of his own.

Because of the difficulty many people have in understanding the true nature of these relationship breakups, many misconceptions about this disorder can arise.

In order to understand the dynamic of this couple, we need to answer a very important question.