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COLIN MORGAN: Well, Merlin and Arthur will always have that issue of servant and master. But, these are guys who’ve been friends for three years now.Anyone who’s spent that much time together gets used to the quirks and those little idiosyncrasies that each person has.I wouldn’t particularly pick out Bradley as a prankster.” Yet she agrees that the series has become darker. “If I look at series one I had a problem with the way I looked, especially the linen tabard! “The outfits have picked up and we have learned from mistakes in the past. I did have something to say about how I looked this year. I love the costumes and I’m very happy with them.” She reveals that shooting at a chateau in France has its challenges: “It’s all a bit mad with the Merlin tourists.

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“I wanted to be my own thing, created through the writing. “Gwen has always been a bit of a moral compass in the show. I think the character has been quite a good role model in that sense and she has maintained that throughout.” She plays opposite Bradley James’s King Arthur.

“He’s definitely been a bit of a joker but all of the rest of the knights are the same. I’m always really impressed by the way they make that work.” Her costumes have moved on too.

They cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

Since going their separate ways, Esposito has had some high profile relationships of her own. Soon after his divorce, Cooper rebounded with Cameron Diaz.

Looking from the outside I would want her to be my queen!