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First, because she stood up to douchebag Tom Cruise about the reality of post-partum depression. Rounding the corner to fifty, Brooke Shields without makeup looks pretty great. You have to give her credit though, instead of Botoxing the shit out of herself and destroying her natural beauty, she’s posing in bright lighting with no makeup. The next photo of the actress without makeup is somewhat grainy, but she looks awesome, doesn’t she?

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Cast: Brooklyn Carter, Cece Stone, Cheyenne, Coby Bryant, Kita Zen, Melanie Jayne, Taylor Mayde, Tristen Taylor Description: What happens in the backseat?

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With her hair blown out high and big and cascading in soft curls around her shoulders, the actress oozes star quality.

According to Untitled, the Legendary 'special collector’s edition presents a cross-over of the most inspirational talent in music, film and fashion – with a focus on Living Legends and Future Legends.'The 240-page print edition features the legendary Brooke Shields on the cover, as well as additional limited edition covers of Chanel Iman, Brooke Candy, Imogen Poots, Oh Land, Boy George, Tiesto, Sophie Kennedy Clark, RJ Mitte, Birdy, Riff Raff and John Newman.

Waiting for a big dick to begin the real ride in the car! We are not talking about a package or a gloved fist fight. Ives, Malia Kelly, Rebecca Riley, Shaina Beverly, Veronica Jett Description: There's no resting in this room, as Michael Stefano is bangin' these bitches in the john.


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