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This is a place for people who care about success in business, medicine, law, and entrepreneurship, but are also looking for the joy that a successful relationship can bring. Once you'll do, you'll have access to our membership base that is filled with professional singles just like you.

But the businessmen, construction giants and entrepreneurs of Lebanon are already planning the rebuilding of a physically shattered and broken nation called Syria.

Mr Hevey is the second man to be charged by gardai investigating the alleged fraud.

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They're dedicated to their careers and are looking for a partner with the same energy and drive.

Of course, not everything is about business: the singles here also know the value of relaxing and having a little fun.

Lebanese banks – and there are seven private Lebanese banks in Syria today – are the only institutions who know how to open enough letters of credit to fund Syria’s reconstruction materials: so rebuilding Syria means big profits for them.

There’s even a steam train enthusiast in Beirut who has for more than two years been proposing a four-track electric railway from Beirut port which would speed trains through a vast tunnel in the Lebanese mountains to a marshalling yard in the Bekaa Valley – poor Baalbek, I keep thinking!

DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday warned he would disregard the Supreme Court and place the country under martial rule if the drug problem worsened into something "virulent." The president's comments before businessmen here came after a Pulse Asia poll revealed 74 percent of Filipinos disagreed that martial law was the answer to the nation's problems. the right to preserve one's life and my nation, my country transcends everything else." Duterte said he could proclaim martial law despite existing constitutional safeguards.