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I asked yesterday on my Instagram if you guys would like to see my coffee corner & a lot of you said yes so I wanted to come on here today & show you our super simple coffee space in our little kitchen.

If you don’t know by now, I have a deep relationship with coffee.

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At one point I was a barista at two coffee shops at once. It helped pay for my college, I loved talking to all the customers & meeting new people, I loved my coworkers, & most of all I loved the coffee.

Coffee is comforting to me, & my motto in life is “No talkee before Coffee” in the morning. LMB brings me coffee in bed mostly every morning [I know, I don’t deserve it.] & getting coffee with him is one of my favorite past times. One of the most recent things about coffee in my life that I’ll share here is when my grandpa was dying last month.

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