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The Dutch have a long history of venture capital dating back to the 1600’s including the establishment of the Dutch East India Company, the first multinational corporation to fund both private and public ventures, and the first company to issue shares.

In the past decades the Dutch, I believe, have done a good job of industrialising food production in order to meet the growing demands for food.

Rachel L., 27 Year Old New York City Well, you’ve done it. Watching you teach is so much fun too, love the free-flowing energy!

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For me it was especially interesting to visit the Math Career Day to get to know about future perspectives.”“This was for me the first really big conference with such a broad spectrum.

It was a good thing to listen and talk to people from areas not so close to mine – especially since the scientific level was quite high.“It was a real congress – very impressive, very big and very nice – with nearly too many coffee stations. Nevertheless, for me it was especially interesting to also catch some impressions from my field – tropical mathematics – and how it is developping in Europe.“From a general perspective there were two highpoints for me: I am very happy that they now have the Hirzebruch Lectures of which I gave the first one. And I am also very happy that there is now a series of lectures in the history of mathematics.

Very many mathematicians are interested in that, including me.

And I think it is good to give that field more importance.” about the history of some outstanding women scientists, that was fantastic and well balanced; and the exhibition Women of Mathematics throughout Europe.

When I found out I had to do an “About” page, I didn’t want to.


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