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This party has been going strong for almost 20 years - and still does.

Note that there's a dress code - no street wear is allowed (The minimum requirement is all black) - but it's worth it for the excellent music!

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Kaikki CD:t ovat NM-kunnossa eli visuaalisestikin virheettmi, naarmuttomia. Tervetuloa Suomen Floridaan UUSI (muoveissa) 10e Garden of Worm: Idle stones Svart UUSI (muoveissa) 10e Gasoline Girls & Petrol Boys: Hulababalulaa 10e Generators: Shiny mama 8e Gideon, Onni kvintetti: 1955-57 Annikki Thti & Wiola Talvikki 10e Goodman, Irwin: 20 suosikkia - Ryysyranta 6e Goodman, Irwin: St.

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