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la deuxième étape rejoindra la ville de N’gaoundéré après également 300km.

C’est la route qui permet le traffic entre la façade maritime et le Tchad.

Justin broke hearts everywhere when he revealed that, despite being single, he's currently off the market."At this point in my life I'm so focused on myself that I'm not looking for a girlfriend," Justin said.

"I'm just trying to make sure I'm 100 percent so I can add to the person I want to be with."Sounds a lot like his not-biggest-fan Taylor Swift not too long ago, when she swore off dating to focus on her music, besties, and NYC (well, before diving back into the dating game), no?

Category: 5 najboljših, Hrana, Indonezija, Kultura, Ljudje, Main, Myanmar, Nepal, Tajska Tags: annapurna, baloon festival, budistični samosta, budizem, flores, gili otoki, inle lake, kanawa, mentawai, nepal, potovanje po Aziji, potovanje v Azijo, siberut, Wat Tam Wua Category: 5 najboljših, Dokumentarci, Hrana, Indija, Indonezija, Kategorije, Main, Myanmar, Nepal, Potovanja, Tajska, Vietnam, Vsakdan Tags: andamanski otoki, azijska hrana, kopi luwak, lassi, momoti, pivo, potovanje po Aziji, rdeče mravlje, red snapper, shan noodles, som tam V (Jugovzhodni) Aziji sem preživel natanko tri šestdesetine svojega življenja. Nekaj mesecev v Indiji, nekaj mesecev v Indoneziji, malce na Šrilanki, Nepalu, na Tajskem,...


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