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He will be joined by Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter, who revealed she is looking for a 'hairy man'.

who's now all grown up go on a series of dates with members of the public. It even brought us the AMAZING but tragically short-lived romance between Joey and Steph (R. Speaking to heatworld, Eden revealed: "I got fed up of seeing so many websites with so many fake profiles, so I decided to fix that with Would Like To Meet.

But despite having been a sex icon across the world, Melody Thornton has revealed she hasn't had a proper boyfriend since being a teenager.

The talented songstress, 32, has admitted she put her personal life on hold to focus on her career but is now more than ready to find love- or more specifically regular sex, on Celebs Go Dating.

But she hopes this will change during her appearance on British show Celebs Go Dating.