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If you want to travel further from Bellevue, you can take a further 25-minute tram ride to Nid d’Ange.

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With our wealth of experience in this industry, we pride ourselves on providing great times and great company – an overall memorable experience with people who we hope will become friends for years to come.

On a Cold Fusion holiday, our chalet becomes your home, our staff members become your family and your fellow travellers become your friends.

It is this relaxed, intimate chalet environment, the friendly staff and the unstructured nature of your holiday which begin to describe the Cold Fusion experience.

Our chalet really will become your home away from home and we find the informal surroundings of the chalet – where you can eat your breakfast in your pyjamas and wear your slippers to dinner – is conducive to being able to be yourself, an individual, and the ultimate reason you have decided to experience the Cold Fusion concept.

Add amazing Alpine cuisine, fun après-ski bars and lots of ways to relax to give you a truly inspiring winter break.


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