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but after clicking on button it display the value "Like" in botemulator which i set on value property of the button. It's fine, unless postback is supported in the emulator (which I don't recall at this moment) that's the expected behavior.

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The test is named after Alan Turing the brilliant British mathematician.

Among his many accomplishments was basic research in computing science.

United Spirits, a Diageo Group Company is embracing conversational interfaces with the launch of India’s first artificial intelligence-based chatbot that offers bartending solutions.

Called ‘Simi – Your Personal Bartender’, it is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers over 2,000 DIY cocktail recipes which can be made with simple ingredients.

"The concept of a bot for Facebook or a bot for Slack doesn’t make any more sense than a website 'optimized for Netscape' or 'best viewed in Internet Explorer,'" the company wrote in a blog post when it launched earlier this month.