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Maybe this is because Chatto’s once-unusual plants have become the bedrock of many successful gardens and are now absorbed into the gardening lexicon.

Her garden layout combines asymmetry with balance, using principles from her days teaching flower arranging. Nothing shocks, but why should it – do we need to be endlessly surprised in our gardens?

The design may not be cutting edge, but it’s stylish and classic – like a Jean Muir outfit that lasts a lifetime, while the trendy will seem out of date next season.

The gravel garden is all it promised to be and looks exciting, even on a wet February afternoon, with burgundy bergenia and yellow Libertia formosa; the damp garden is atmospheric and calming; and the woodland garden is full of promise.

I remembered a tapestry of fat succulents, now housed in the original wooden greenhouse where Chatto worked on her plants.


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