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The Beijing Botanical Garden is well known for its peach trees that blossom when it gets warm.

The Beijing Botanical Garden is the largest peach blossom garden in northern China.

The garden is perfumed with romantic blooms and intoxicating fragrances, and it is very colorful.

The state garden area measures about 56 hectares or 139 acres and is in the northwestern outskirts of Beijing, and the natural scenery is beautiful as well.

There is one shocking exception to this rule; in China women over the age of twenty-six are considered undesierable as potential brides - this exclusionary phenomenon is so prevalant in modern Chinese society that there is actually an official term for a women over the age of 26. Obviously, Oprah, Vogue, and Cosmo have a very different take on the role of women in society.

That term is Sheng Nu and it translates as UNWANTED! Chinese girls are becoming increasingly aware of the higher status of women in the western world and they want to be a part of it.

There is an actual shortage of single women in China, because so many Chinese families opt to only have boys under China's "One Child-One Family" policy.