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According to…acquaintances who saw Farley during his final days, the actor began a downward spiral on Dec. He maniacally hopscotched through Chicago bars, consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol and fraternizing with a series of party girls. 15, he dropped by the 38th-anniversary party for Second City (the Chicago Improv company that had given him his start), where by all accounts Farley was his usual lively self—drinking, yes, but not drunk. Instead, a $300-per-hour call girl named Autumn alleges she spent that afternoon with Farley, who had called from his home around a.m.

Farley’s self-destructive bacchanal began at the downtown Chicago club Karma, where he raged until about 2 a.m. She says the comedian, who was smoking pot and drinking screwdrivers, seemed more interested in her scoring cocaine than her services. ”You could just tell he was on a rampage…He just kept bouncing from room to room.” (EW) Farley’s private funeral was held at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

And he finally came back, and we said, ' Chris, if they don't know who you are, you are just a crazy fat guy trying to climb in a cab with them.' And then we all laughed, it was very funny to us.

He would do stuff like that for us every day to make us laugh." 2.

A representative for Chris' brother Kevin told Radar the family is not aware of Sterling's existence.