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“Not only is she a distinguished figure in her field but one whose role it is to remind us of our duty not just to our congregation but to the wider community both on and beyond these shores.

“I am also pleased to welcome our four new canons from closer to home.

Formed under the vision of a global ministry, Vinesong lead entire worship services in 11 different languages accompanied by songs performed in more than 20 languages.

Senior church steward at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church Mary Gracie said: “Vinesong got in touch with someone from Refresh, the Church of Weymouth and Portland in Action, as they are visiting Portland and thought while they were down here it would be good to do an evening service. Our morning service is fairly traditional whereas in the evening we are open to trying things a little differently.” Established in 1982 by John Watson, Vinesong is acclaimed as the first Christian ministry to have ministered with music at the United Nations in New York and the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya.

Susanna Denniston, who has a background in international events and the arts, was also installed as a Lay Canon.