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I was surprised at how quickly insecurity about my religious identity reared up. I could identify myself by mentioning homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and lots of meat.

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The Mennonite community is traditionally rooted in hometown families. Or the famous Oakieburger that would place me as a member of Oak Grove Mennonite Church? The fact is that church identity—even one so solid both culturally and religiously as the Mennonite identity—is fluid.

If you are a Mennonite, your hometown can signal your place on the liberal-conservative spectrum, your possible economic level and the people you’d know by name. What is your interpretation of the Schleitheim Confession? It’s hard not to read between the lines and wonder what idealized version of Mennonites lurks behind each question.

Dating as an overweight woman can be more difficult.

Dating as an overweight conservative Christian woman seems impossible.

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