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Such special rules shall conform as closely as possible to these Rules.(b) (i)These rules constitute special rules made by an appropriate authority within the meaning of Rule 1(b) of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, including annexes currently in force for the United States (“International Regulations”).

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International Rule 18(e) states "..the Rules of this Part" and the same Inland Rule states "..the Rules of this Subpart (Rules 4-19) (§§83.04 through 83.19)" , but, below it is stated as "Rules 4-19.".

Click on: PART A - GENERAL Rule 1 - Application Rule 2 - Responsibility Rule 3 - General Definitions PART B - STEERING AND SAILING RULES I - Conduct of Vessels in Any Condition of Visibility Rule 4 - Application Rule 5 - Look-Out Rule 6 - Safe Speed Rule 7 - Risk of Collision Rule 8 - Action to Avoid Collision Rule 9 - Narrow Channels Rule 10 - Traffic Separation Schemes II - Conduct of Vessels in Sight of One Another Rule 11 - Application Rule 12 - Sailing Vessels Rule 13 - Overtaking Rule 14 - Head-on Situation Rule 15 - Crossing Situation Rule 16 - Action by Give-way Vessel Rule 17 - Action by Stand-on Vessel Rule 18 - Responsibilities Between Vessels III - Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility Rule 19 - Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility PART C - LIGHTS AND SHAPESRule 20 - Application Rule 21 - Definitions Rule 22 - Visibility of Lights Rule 23 - Power-driven Vessels Underway Rule 24 - Towing and Pushing Rule 25 - Sailing Vessels Underway and Vessels Under Oars Rule 26 - Fishing Vessels Rule 27 - Vessels Not Under Command or Restricted in Their Ability to Maneuver Rule 28 - Vessels Constrained by Their Draft Rule 29 - Pilot Vessels Rule 30 - Anchored Vessels and Vessels Aground Rule 31 - Seaplanes PART D - SOUND AND LIGHT SIGNALS Rule 32 - Definitions Rule 33 - Equipment for Sound Signals Rule 34 - Maneuvering and Warning Signals Rule 35 - Sound Signals in Restricted Visibility Rule 36 - Signals to Attract Attention Rule 37 - Distress Signals PART E - EXEMPTIONS Rule 38 - Exemptions PART F - VERIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE CONVENTION Rule 39 - Definitions Rule 40 - Application Rule 41 - Verification of compliance inland waters of the United States, and to vessels of the United States on the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes to the extent that there is no conflict with Canadian law.

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