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Maybe the language’s change of hands, Allaire – Macromedia – Adobe, put it behind the times. Yet, I feel that even the languages core features left wanting.As I said before Cold Fusion is a tag-based language.This is outstanding progress by the Think Sys India team!

Cold Fusion has been designed to allow the use of Cold Fusion tags and Cold Fusion script.

Functionally, both will be interpreted equally and will achieve the same result.

Not much had changed, which allowed me to get the job done quickly.

A developer normally adopts using a language for such reasons. Even as a developer with a Cold Fusion shop for 3 years, I never personally adopted the language. The answer is simple, in my experience of the language, across several versions, it has not evolved.

One of the other advantages that coldfusion has is that it makes the linkage of the HTML pages with the existing Database much easier.